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Stem 6
Instructor: Mrs. Schroedl   
Welcome to 6th Grade STEM!
A whole new and exciting world awaits us!  In 6th grade, our focus will be the hands-on aspects of Science, especially engineering.  Engineers are problem solvers, and builders, capable of clearly defining a challenge and possible designs to address that challenge.  In that vein, students will devise solutions, implement and then test them.
We will be building many variations of catapults to storm a castle, mechanical arms to solve a task and hydraulics and building battle bots.   In life, subject content such as math and science do not exist independently of each other. Instead we use all content knowledge as tools to complete a goal.
In STEM we use the engineering design cycle. This includes asking what problem needs to be solved, imagining how to solve this problem, creating a plan and then improving on that plan
2 weeks left!
So much to do in the next two weeks! Students need to complete their grabber arm, that can pick up a tennis ball and move it 3 feet.
Students who miss days or get behind will need to come in at lunch. Grabber arms must be complete by Friday.
Grabber arm challenge
Student task: Pick up a tennis ball 3 feet from your hand and drop that ball into a bucket 3 feet away.
Students will be using their skills they have developed this semester to complete a challenge, using blocks, craft sticks, rubber bands, clothes pins, hydraulics, string, or any other item students think can complete the task.
Cars and grabber arms!
Students will be using their skills to design an arm that can pick up a tennis ball and move it 4 feet over. Students are not giving design instructions but will need to design and create the tool on their own.

Students will also be completing their battles for who made the best battle bot!

Some students will be using gears and motors to build a car.
Let the battle begin!!!
Students only get one more day to complete battle bots, some students may need to come in at lunch to complete battle bots.

Students have built a machine out of wooden blocks and syringes. They will be using their robots to knock other students robots off the desk.

Let the battle begin!!!

working on battlebots
More work days ahead. Students will be instructed along the way of mile markers they need to meet. The hardest part of this project is the functionality. This is a large project that sometimes allows the space for distraction and difficulty completing. Students who do not meet mile markers should plan to spend time in at lunch to catch up.
Battle bot!
Students of all ages, and teachers too enjoy building the battle bots. This is no easy task, battles bots must have 2 way movement, both horizontal and vertical movement of 45 degrees or more! Students have a rubric to follow to earn full points, but many areas are being independent and keeping social conversations saved for lunch time and recess.
Pneumatics and hydraulics
6th graders are starting on our unit on pneumatics and hydraulics. As we move along our next big projects are battle bots. Students challenge will be to build a bot that moves at least 45 degrees side to side and 45 degrees vertical. Students should review the rubric for scoring.
Last week of the 3rd quarter!
6th grade is learning about the difference in pressure with water vs air! Student challenge who's hydraulic machine can lift the most weight as well as lift the highest. Our next project with will be building our hydraulic battle bots.
Hydraulics and pneumatics
6th grade will start working on hydraulics and pneumatics. will. We will begin simple and that will lead to more complex. Students should be able to bring home catapults they have been working on. Some classes are still working on catapult challenges. Students should expect a quiz as they finalize the catapult unit.
Catapults and grabber arms
We're having so much fun and learning about mechanical advantage, calculating percentages and learning about air resistance. As we wrap up this project we will start another building project, a grabber arm. Students will be given minimal instructions and will be able to build additional parts with the 3D printer.
Revise and improve!
6th grade stem students are revising and improving catapults and challenges. As we near the end of our catapult unit students will have a quiz early next week.
Students are building individual challenges. Students are expected to score a 30-80 percent in their personal challenges, after their second revision.
More catapults, more challenges
Students will be building rubber band catapults, and refining their personal challenges. Special attention on improving past catapult designs as well as improving past challenge design and explanation.

Students are building skills in both design as well as communication. Beware of flying objects when entering our new room!
Personal catapult challenge
6th graders will be building pyramid catapults and creating their own game to test their catapult. Focus will be put on details of the game as well as score calculations. Students are encouraged to be creative with game design.
How to test a catapult!
6th graders will be testing their catapults for distance, accuracy, and force. The challenges have been provided. Students will be constructing 2 more varieties of catapults and will be developing their own challenges. Students will be pushed to be detailed, specific and creative with their challenges.
Fun with catapults
This week we will complete "Dolphin Tail" and our look at the Engineering Design Process. We will be racing our mousetrap cars and testing to see what car goes the furthest, as well as front wheel drive vs rear wheel drive.
We will also be starting our catapult unit, This weeks emphasis is on the cost of supplies.
Class introductions
Last week was a great start, even if I could not me present. I am so excited to see so many great ideas in mousetrap cars. I look forward to hearing what you have learned, and how you dealt with frustration.

This week I will lay out my class expectations and we will get in the habit of answering set questions.

We will be finishing the movie Dolphin tail, and using that info to describe the 'engineering design process’

I'm hoping we can get starting with our first official unit of catapults and levers.

Welcome Back!!!
STEM 6th You will be finishing your mousetrap car. You will be testing to see who’s car goes the furthest. You will be testing both front wheel drive, and rear wheel drive. Something to make note of is what way to turn your wheels to wind it properly ( you don’t want to be at the starting line and have your car roll backwards). You will be able to test your cars in the wrestling room. Please help Mrs. Kintzle find her way to that space. This week you will also be watching Dolphin tail. This is a true story about how a boy used the engineering design process to save a baby dolphin. We will be using the engineering design process all semester to build catapults, battle bots and to build a mouse trap car again.
Discussion Topics
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